Faversham Viva Vintage! Retro , Antique, Artisans, Gifts Fairs

Details of Faversham Viva Vintage! Retro , Antique, Artisans, Gifts Fairs.

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Venue: The Alexander Centre, 15-17 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 8NZ
Event Type: Antiques and Vintage Fair
Opening times: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Admission: Free
Organiser: Eventissima Events
Name: Nick Day
Telephone: 07582351364
Email: eventissima@outlook.com
As an expansion to our well-established and popular Artisan Craft Vintage & Gift Fairs in Faversham, we are also launching an exciting new event in 2020: Viva Vintage! Retro & Antiques Fair Faversham. We are calling all Vintage, Retro & Antique dealers, who sell good quality items such as jewellery, fashion, accessories, homeware, furniture, prints, posters, paintings, vinyl, collectables, textiles, fabrics, books, gardenalia. We are looking for weird & wonderful, unique & quirky! to join us.
The first date for the Viva Vintage! Retro & Antique Fair Faversham is 2 February 2020. All dates are the first Sunday of the month. A 6ft x 6ft pitch is £40.00. There will be a pop-up tea room selling refreshments and scrummy cakes!
If you would like to become a trader please see our website (details above) for more information or email eventissima@outlook.com

The Alexander Centre